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Yoga Harlem Shake at YogaWorks



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Yoga meets the Harlem Shake at YogaWorks Santa Monica. The class is lead by Calvin Corzine, YogaWorks Main and Montana Instructor in his regular noon class. Click this link for a free week of yoga at YogaWorks:

YogaWorks has studios in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and New York.
Note: Our yoga classes aren’t normally this crazy, but they’re always fun!
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This challenging core yoga sequence might give you six pack abs, but more importantly will strengthen the deep core muscles that support a healthy back. Visit for more of Jesse Schein’s challenging online yoga classes for intermediate to advanced students.

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  1. lexiparis msp

    May 1, 2021 at 11:43 am

    Subcribe too me when i get 50 i will do a dere

  2. Luna Car Girl

    May 1, 2021 at 11:58 am

    OMG so funny! I love it at yoga works I just started going to the newport beach location at level 1! Sooooo good!!!

  3. Rottweilas

    May 1, 2021 at 12:05 pm


  4. suvankar chakraborty

    May 1, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    like this

  5. Kim Four

    May 1, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    Exelente videosvSubcribete mi canal y yo me subcribo alo que se subcriban

  6. Kim Four

    May 1, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Subcribete mi canal y yo me subcribire al tuyo

  7. Raval Rahul

    May 1, 2021 at 2:53 pm


  8. Milena Regos

    May 1, 2021 at 2:53 pm


  9. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    Morning i went to eat breakfast. Yesterday evening made several calls
    to yogaworks wipro.. and expressed my situation.
    In morning i had breakfast in indian coffee house idli and eggs and after returning my mother wanted to sit some time with me.
    I also left message for amy also.

    I sensed some tension or something and i saw logs of her calling shankaravarma. Her legs have thinned. ANd i was tense of her taken to palana for endoscopy .. which has to be avoided as to me its risky.
    She need to try an enema which has been made impossible by she objecting me to removing her clogged anus once. She kept on asking for her passport that is with me in the bag. 

    I walked out and in hemambika stores there was someone young look alike of a swarup who attacked me in Jan 2010. I sensed something hidden or fishy so i walked out as i have been attacked and harmed in hospitals against my wishes. As i walked out i saw a police van approaching the chepilamuri house i did not go back they followed me and wanted me to enter the VAN that i protested.  I resisted eventually cooperated and shankaravarma and balan joined and they took me to govt hospital in palakkad. 
    I repeatedly requested them not to harm me again and i am a yoga pilates fitness practitioner and suggested to go to govt homoeo or ayurveda for any check up they have to do on me. One frendly police assured i wont be medicated.. and what they want is to my mothers request to issue a disability certificate for me as i am not having an income or employment she is afraid i would not have any income if something happens to her and she wants me to get a pension. I had to wait till 1215 or something and a young indian woman said i have to register for OP etc. There was no yoga practitioners of my class in the hospital. I informed shankaravarma i am applying for employment to solve the situation and i am not really a disabled most company HR has policy of age limit of 35 and he assured the process would be secret.  I am saying my problems could be solved completely if i am inside USA. I have been harmed injured by prior hospitalisations. I can be employed or yoga retreat like centers tomorrow. I am not really disabled. I was really in fear they would detain me again like in ninans and harm me. They want me to return day after tomorrow with shankaravarma.So i should go with shankaravarma in a scooter to govt hospital palakkad day after tomorrow. I informed my natural weight is five or six kgs less and my body is more plaqued by allopathic drugs i am forced to ingest against my wishes.. I repeat i am a yoga fitness spa class being living below poverty levels… even a labourer in kerala charges 500rs for a two hour job. I am someone who can work at some role in software company or yoga retreats spaces.. in software instead of developer i can be employed easily in customer support or QA. In yoga retreats i can be employed as administrator roles. I have a website with Unique IP if i there are followers who can subscribe and help they can do it. At this point its cluttered as i have experienced too much cruelty in hospitals and detentions.. I have no disability unemployed because of the economics and my websites and age bar in many companies to hire again.. I am only 49 in USA many are employed till 65. I am only son of a mother and i can help her in a wheel chair .. Its human situation of not being able to separate an only son from a mother that cannot lead to me being harmed.
    Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

  10. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 3:56 pm

    I woke up 200 made about 100 ml of mozambi juice mixed glucose tang and chilled water and gave my mother she had only 40ml. I am trillion times certain my mother is being food poisoned consciously or unconsciously by shylaja eating food and drinks from her would result in her longevity less and she would never heal. I am again reporting I am taking money cash from my mother and we both are living below poverty levels despite the fact the i am owner registrant and author of and
    . I have mapped the latter to some eros groups in usa I met 1997/2004 as they have been misused by criminals to help yoga and other communities. I am saying my mother is held hostage by many criminals in chepilamuri including balan prabha sridhar and rss bjp as they are having may 300rs a day income because of me and my mother staying with them in suspect balan and this gang has stolen 800000rs I paid to sindhu in 2003 and built this house and partners to running organisation since 2004 and exploitEd sun microsystems and my websites subscribers help. If anyone in india including ministries police is having any income because i publish my domains it's a crime as i.dont have any income past Oct 2002. I reported few indian agents like tekraj dilkayat amk enterprises now jayasekar lazarus are has any atms or money delivered inside india. I see rohinis daughter well fed but why are they staying in chepilamuri if kannan has employment income why they are not there. My mother now reported chest pain congestion and is because of the milk wheat and chai and complan she is forced to have. If she was with me she would have walked. I have not lived or travelled with a woman and living below poverty levels and portrayed as wealthy because of father mother grandfather's surname and is a crime as i am living below poverty levels and an organisation shamelessly run using money I should be expending as personal wealth .. I have been attacked and harmed and now they are not doing it because my mother is bedridden. I demand me and my mother separated from akathethara and criminals like balan sridhar shylaja.she drank only 40 ml of orange juice. Her condition is because of lack of health food and drinks and i am afraid criminals balan and sridhar and the criminals stealing my money using my domains want her dead here and not relocate and these are stealing money using temples and hindu politics. The thieves are preventing me being employed in www companies yoga spa companies and those like also. The criminals have gone to some marriage in ernakulam and i suspect organised activity and came back with more ego to continue the crime. Shankaravarma should help me relocate her to kaliappa hotel in his car then he is helpful instead he has threatened me with hemambika nagar police. Or she should be shifted to some other space in palakkad where balan sridhar shylaja would not be able to harm her. My mothers life energy one hundredth less as she is eating that much less because of food poison and because of being with enemies that harmed her before and she is hopeless I can solve it. Please help now

  11. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    I repeat again my time is wasted in akathethara and the criminals that harmed me and thieves that are stealing my money are getting away with it. End of 2017 I have repeated a thousand times that I was cleverly attacked and detained in ninans by two criminal hemambika nagar police station requested by criminals like balan and my unhealthy mother and again it was an organised attack against Me while travelling in indIan train back from karur with my mother a man repeatedly poked my butt when i was lying in luggage rack . I protested and my mother started saying i should be admitted. My mother would have carelessly narrated the detail in criminal balans presence and all these criminals in chepilamuri used the repulsive criminals in hemambika nagar police station to cleverly detain me in ninans hospital and one day I could not even put my tshirt. I was wearing a green leggings and a tshirt and i had jockey top in my bag. I had negatives as well. The twitter bag is missing as weLl as the three dresses. My yoga body is injured and I cannot do the yoga sequence without warmup. I could not do even scorpio against wall today. I suspect some criminals like balan prabha has my bag and green top and leggings. I dont know who returned the negatives. I repeat balan is a criminal trying to execute me and my mother and it had gone to ernakulam again to plan and harm me and nothing else I don't owe a cent to rohini balan shylaja Durga but i suspect they are stealing my money using a mother. Whoever possession of my green top and leggings need to be executed
    Pradeep kumar xplorer

  12. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    I have been affected again by quality testing shylajas milk wheat in the night and i took three sips of complan. I am affected and react it to it easily to my mother it manifests as something else. I am trillion times certain balan sridhar kannan and prabha and durga temple are partner to this crime and slowly killing my mother and preventing me getting a solution and whoever they are in contact with or saying they are not doing anything criminals also. I have no connection relation with anyone in chepilamuri.. i dont have to even hear anyones death news if i am somewhere else. Its very imporatant that my mother is relocated to protect her from further harm. I am saying she is food poisoned since 2011 and she cannot sense it. TOday morning she reported they are giving her food that she is not able to swallow. I posted the food poisoning by shylaja in the front page its criminal that none of you are also not Creating a public record of knowing about my website and acting without ethics and continuing the cruelty against me and my mother. My mother has been eating from criminals shylajas kitchen since 2011 and i was forced to eat it in begining of 2018 that led to my yoga body being injured. They are not accepting they have not evolved and simply exploiting me. I really suspect these have extorted the 800000Rs from sindhu and has harmed her as well. My mother sindhu and myself could have lived in USA if there was ethics. Now its too late. SO i need to relocate her with me to USA or elsewhere. Balan shylaja rohini durga are not my family never was my family they are using force to detain her as a tenant and a criminal organisation of thieves uses durga temple and many to do that.
    Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

  13. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    This criminal group that works using my websites brings only hatred to me as their only motive is employment or money

  14. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    I am isolated and without a woman or money in my life because of 15 years of crime using my websites and yogaworks is partner to it. I expended 10000 dollars from my meagre savings and the criminals in yogaworks partnering with the crime gave an ugly suspect criminal jodie rufty with many transgendered in the class that's a thief using Amma cult and has exploited me.. I could have been connected with a caring group and i would have lived in usa with their help.. I lost 12 years of my life

  15. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    Because of shylaja and whatever fraud happening my mother is still with a clogged rectum giving her an uncomfortable night sleep that would affect her sleep I visited govt kalpathy hospital requested for referrals of nurses that can help my mother have an enema and there was a shazad I expressed concern that my mother is constipated and has clogged anus. They Informed me they have a palliative care that she can register and they can do it. I requested them to persuade my mother by calling her but they did not say fully yes to it. I have to take her there problem is balan shylaja sridhar etc .in evening if she has not made this much noise I would have used my forefinger to clean her rectum. She sat in chair stool one pellet of faeces she could expel. I think she still has fifty percent to be cleaned. The homoeo hospital has given a powder may be it would work. I am saying someone watching my tweets made a big issue of it and used shylaja to prevent me cleaning her rectum in evening and i am worried. If i had removed it in evening she would have had good sleep. I have no objection to do it as I sympathise with my mothers health. I am trillion times sure my mother is with poor people using some socialist people to harm me and my mother said something about menons clinic and I am worried they are trying to make her expend more money now. I had a troubled day because of shylaja shouting at me as thonniyavasam that's malayalam for doing whatever I want when i did what I do everyday to remove faeces that get stuck in rectum. I need to be helped to separate from these cousins who i dont want to ever see in my life.I am trying to separate my mother also with some visiting not affecting me.
    Pradeep kumar xplorer

  16. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 6:05 pm

    My mothers and my life is in danger and she is with criminals continuing their criminal
    pradeep xplorer
    Fri 5/31/2019 10:22 AM

    nature. I am repeatdely requested that my mother and me separated from
    cousins who does not care for me or her and has harmed me last 15 years.

    My mother would not have suffered knee surgery if she relocated with me
    to mettupalayam or some other space in palakkad in 2017. Instead the
    criminals attacked me using two hemambikanagar police and harmed me to a
    point where i could not even put my Tshirt.
    See my youtube clips. I was able to do the lesfaeces sequence everyday
    without warmup.

    Thats in

    I was wrongfully hospitalised by criminals like balan and many others
    using my mother as a reason and they have harmed my mother as well.

    My mother was food poisoned and malnutritioned and she fell down once
    and taken to malabar hospitals and put knee brace and again she fell
    down and had to do knee surgery. I allege they are also partner to this
    crime as some look alikes have been employed.
    I suspect a criminal sridhar employed as a medical representative some
    how using those hospitals to justify theft.

    I admitted her to govt homoeo hospital where she healed and dedrugged
    but criminals balan and sridhar entered there and discharged her and i
    suspect  srivilas as partner to this.

    Recently she was taken to Sai hospital without my permission and she was
    put on saline and against my wishes i did not enter that hospital as
    thats a security risk for me.

    She reported constipation last three days today morning when i took her
    to pass faeces i examined her and she had clogged faeces in the rectum. I
    had to use soap to scoop it out. I could scoop out only 20 percent of
    it in four attempts. I dont know whether
    she has used her fingers to clean her anus so i did not want to prolong
    it and postponed to do it next time.

    I would have to do may be ten times to get the entire clogged faeces out.

    I do it every day as a health and fitness practitioner.

    I went and visted sharad to ask his mother to come and help clean upstairs and possibly shift her up.

    After i exited sharads house in payattankunnam my mother called and made
    me worried reporting shivering and fatigue. I went to house and found
    her lying down and not eating oranges or wanting coconut juice and
    shylaja started fighting with me. Thats a trained
    criminal with balan kannan and rohini harming me and my mother. I have
    no connection relation with anyone in chepilamuri. I reported to
    rajkumar as well what happened. I suspect either sai hospital medication
    or shylajas food has constipated her and i am trillion
    times certain all cousins like her are partners to cybercrime and has
    had me attacked and harmed and has not acknowledged me as a yoga guide
    with a website with unique intellectual property value. SHylaja started
    asking what i did it to her and called it thonniyavasam
    thats a criminal that has prevented me fathering a child and trying to
    execute me and my mother knowing all details very crafty criminals
    allowed by the indians i informed. I exited immediately knowing those
    criminals wont allow me to scoop out the rest of
    the faeces myself and would want to employ a nurse etc. They are
    unemployed and has harmed me. I suspect this is a group of thieves that
    has harmed sindhu and extorted the 800000Rs as well from her that i gave
    in 2003. I report my mother and my life is in
    danger and i have to separate her from the cousins and i have to get a
    life myself. Its dangerous for my mother to eat what shylaja gives as i
    know it constipated her. Before admitting to sai she was healing and
    passing faeces.

    I need to be helped. I have 700Rs with me now. My mother has a pension
    and some money in olavakkode SBI. I dont know who is stealing my money
    as groups wealth. As i exited i entered sravir store and picked up a
    coconut juice and a bus showed up and i wanted
    to pay 20Rs later and that rahul who appeared frendly did not allow me
    to take it and pay later.

    I am now suspecting them as well. My mother need to be protected and i
    have to help her remove the rest of clogged faeces without incurring any
    expenses. I am trillion times certain balan shylaja rohini kannan
    sridhar sarala are not my well wisher and has harmed
    her and me. Now at this point how to help her remove rest of clogged
    faeces that i cannot help her in that house down restroom. shylaja and
    thousands like her are stealing money branding me a disabled and to
    accept my capability to heal her is against their
    criminal nature. I have to look for a nurse when i can administer enema
    myself. SHe has to be shifted to kaliappa hotel or some other space and
    then if i am alone with her then i can do it better.

    shylaja balan are in it and used by international yoga and software criminals to defeat me for some fringe money.

    Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

  17. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 6:09 pm

    I have removed some clogged faeces from my mothers anus stomach in morning. I have to help her again at 1100am. She again called and upset me i suspect balan sridhar trying to hospitalise her

  18. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    These are details given to me by an emailer to promising me atm card. They claim it is capital one visa. Whoever it is need to be traced and held liable. The organisation need to deliver the atm to me. I am not emailing to employ any of you. I am saying i am someone deprived of a basic life to exploit me and employ many without any kindness or appreciation to me. I have been HARMED last 15 years and my mother is being harmed since Jul 2010 after she had to dispose the house. And she has taken her anger by harming me 
    This has to end. It had to  enforced if theres an atm card it has to be delivered where i am .. I cannot pay this man any money. It has to be enforced a visa card issued to my name cannot be used by other. In the past I lost money and I have been harmed in hospitals. I am saying thieves who has my money are trying to prove I am susceptible to spam instead of paying me money.
    here are the Bank account details

    Name of Bank – CORPORATION BANK
    Branch – Koramangala, Bangalore
    Account Number – 520101011565434
    IFSC COE – CORP0000620

    Please find out who it is and enforce delivery of atm using him.
    Pradeep kumar xplorer

  19. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    I helped my mother pass stools in morning she did not have any. She took longer to get up her hip bridge strength is less. She has to hop to a tAller chair and then get up. I gave her 200 ml of water mixed with very little orange tang and glucose. I sensed she is afraid to drink much because she cannot urinate easily.she should be in a room with a bed and chair stool tub she can hop into easily or a bedpan so she drinks well. I still don't know where the foam bed I purchased for her is. She is thinking of shifting up she still has to use the single size foam bed. I suspect double foam bed is lost or used by shylaja balan etc. I suffered because of absence of foam bed after i was injured in ninans hospital the khaDi bed made me sleepless. These are very minor details but the fact that it was missing has harmed and should not harm her. I cannot dispose the khaDi bed either. My mother bought it to sleep in old pulappatta house where she was forced to stay. Again shylaja is not visalakshies daughter. I am her son. I cannot help her out because of open violence to me by cousins and sons and daughters.

  20. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    Re: l am in a train to palakkad i did not have cash for sleeper class and in unreserved suffering standing I am saying an organisation of thieves are expending my cash or keeping it pending both are unacceptible

    pradeep xplorer
    Wed 5/29/2019 3:12 AM
    Sent Items
    Show all 89 recipients
    On arrival in palakkad i sat with my mother. She had a purse by her side but she did not give me 1000 or 2000rs. When i talked to her she did not give me and started upsetting me and then called balan. I did not fight with balan as it is useless as i am sure he and sridhar has wrongfully admitted her into sai and made her expend 10000rsome for some commissions. In addition he threatened my mother to admit her into palana and malabar hospitals and she cried. Balan threatened me also. My mother kept on saying i am suffering her but at the same time did not acknowledge an organisation of thieves exploiting me using her last fifteen years. That man also said that if my mother requests he would attack and harm me. I am trillion times certain these are parthers to organised crime last 15 years and exploiting My mother for cash and holding her custody and that in turn has affected my life. The criminals did not employ me in 2004 calling my wealth ancestral and created a shaktheyam movement and running this temple. I am trillion times sure my mother never respected my yoga body that I had in end of 2017 and has harmed me using balan and the criminals in hemambika nagar police and it would repeat this is why I filed tamilnadu police report. If my mother gave me a 1000rs I would have rested here. Now my knees are sour and the criminals managed to again retard on using pilates to restore my yoga body. Balan is a clever wanting to look after my mother and put me on streets and he would execute her and i also would be harmed. If balan and shylaja has taken her purse it is a crime. I expected mini and sharad to be present theRe so i can take rest I don't know when they have left. I would have wanted to take 2000rs loan from mini sharath or vk rajkumar but it is impossible. I am now again distracted by poverty. I could not quality test what went into her body either and she swallowed a tablet when i was present. I suspect balan and shylaja has threatened her to do it in front of me and she is again under their threat with fear of death and under influence of drugs. I am trillion times sure these have prevented me renting in mettupalayam with the help of criminals in hemambika nagar police station and many fraudulent business partners so i suspect these have an income because i publish my websites and is a crime. If anyone from palakkad is being employed internationally because i publish my websites it's a crime and they have harmed me by attacking and hospitalising since jan 2010 and would repeat. Balan and shylaja in possession of her purse is an act of crime when i cAme waking exhausted from palakkad I don't know what the organisation covered it up in did it because of lack of cash the criminals have run a show when i was in domino's also a look alike of sindhu had entered who looked poor. I sense danger and am worried. These are benefitting me and my mother being with them and preventing me getting money or reemployed or my mother and me shifting to a new space and my mother wanted to shift up and these are now trying to make me sell my phone and that's a security risk to me. these would again pick up a fight tomorrow morning. I have not expended top much cash this month only less than 1000 rs a day and i am trillion times sure if she is here balan and sridhar would keep on hospitalising her. Yesterday I expended only 300rs.
    Please help me not to be in this danger zone and get my money. I suspect balan shylaja rohini is getting an income by having my mother with me and I suspect what's kannan doing and what his source of income is as it should be never dependent on me or my mother or my websites.
    On arrival exhausted from palakkad my mother did not have her purse by her side and i suspect shylaja and balan to have removed it and keeping it. They are criminals that unnecessarily admitted her again to allopathic care and suffered me and her and my mothers life is in danger as they would now trying different hospitals.. the thieves would try and take her to Palana and malabar and the thieves are trying to attack me also .. I have no cash now and if my mother does not give cash in the morning I would have to sell my phone and it's a security risk to me. Yesterday when i exited the house after shylaja gave me 50rs a man was timed to stop bike at the gate. I exited when balan entered. The long walk has again retarded me and destroyed my Yoga body
    Pradeep kumar xplorer

  21. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 8:15 pm

    I am here cashless trying to sell the phone. My mother did not give me even 100rs and called balan and then balan threatened her  to be hospitalised in palana and
    then malabar hospitals. I am exhausted and i again sense they are partners to this organised crime made me work and taking money through some other source
    and trying to execute me and my mother. Balan threatened if my mother ask him to do something to do to me he would do it and is a danger to me.
    My mother threatened she would abandon me. I sense a security threat. they should just give me a 1000Rs somehow. They are not. I am worried
    Balan shylaja sridhar sarala and her mother and rohini and child are really poor and covering up and they would execute my mother and harm me.
    I have applied for positions and now i need rest. Someone knows i am here. The Marwa bakes did not give me 20Rs credit nor the athens internet center give me 20Rs cash credit.
    If i go and sleep in that property i would have a security risk. If i lose my phone also i would have a security risk. No one in akathethara has created a public
    record of use of my websites and suspect partners to this cybercrime

  22. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    I am in a train to palakkad i did not have cash for sleeper class and in unreserved suffering standing I am saying an organisation of thieves are expending my cash or keeping it pending both are unacceptible

  23. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 9:30 pm

    Danger to my mother again.. Sridhar and Balan has without my permission admitted my mother to Sai Hospital olavakkode she must have reported fatigue.. Instead of drinking some orange tang with glucose she is given saline in the hospital.. can someone who is yoga fitness and self healer and knowing the bad effects of allopathic western medical practice help her out of this. I wanted her to shift with me to kaliappa hotel. Now i dont know whats entering her body. I reported low grade food in shylajas as well. She just need massages and an enema that i could have helped her in a comfortable room. Please alert govt homoeo kalpathy hospital. She should have been admitted there. I am trillion times certain the organisation of thieves are trying to harm me and my mother and get away with cybercrime. Please get her discharged and on liquid food. I dont like entering there as i have been already harmed by western medical practitioners and i do not need their services or care.I dont know what happened but this criminal organisation has helped manipulated sridhar and balan two dangerous people to me and admitted my mother and she would have now more expenses and her life is again in danger in a different way. Can some yoga practitioners and community be sympathetic and get me and my mother out of this never ending criminal ring. We should be living in California now risk of getting executed here.

  24. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 10:16 pm

    You can employ me in some capacity tomorrow if you can't then I am really a victim of cybercrime and you are partner to it.. or some spas some yoga community can give me a income but they are not but they have taken my money

  25. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    I again woke up with an anger of being isolated having no income past Oct 2002 and seeing an old mother suffer food poisoning and harmed and me having to lead an asexual isolated life. If anyone has stolen the 35 million dollars paid to me in kasikorn bank or the 8.3 million dollars paid to me in zenith bank that I think of as spam I demand them mercilessly executed. . If anyone recieved any income my former accounts pradeep kumar pulappatta that I think of it as bankrupt I demand them mercilessly executed i need a solution now if you have cheated me using these it applies to you as well

  26. DaniellA Potengy

    May 1, 2021 at 11:19 pm

    It was the first time I practiced this CORE YOGA CLASS, I was fine, but not good enough. I hope I will get better. Thank you for sharing it. xoxo.

  27. pradeep Kumar xplorer

    May 1, 2021 at 11:23 pm

    I suspect the entire yoga practitioners using internet are unethical and trying to murder me otherwise they would view my youtube and leave a comment.. This is many criminals leading their lives just because they know how to signup on facebook. I object to this crime continuing even for a second

  28. Craig Davis

    May 1, 2021 at 11:52 pm


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Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat - Black

as of May 19, 2022 12:27 am

POGAMAT Premium Thick Yoga Mat - 84” X 27" x 8mm - XL Light Cardio Workout Mat - Extra Long Memory Foam Floor Mats for Yoga, Meditation and Stretching - Use For Any Exercise Without Shoes

as of May 19, 2022 12:27 am

Sanuk Yoga Mat Ebony 7 B (M)

as of May 19, 2022 12:27 am

Premium Large Yoga Mat 7'x5'x9mm, Extra Thick Comfortable Barefoot Exercise Mat, Non-Slip, Eco-Friendly Workout Mats and Home Gym Flooring Cardio Mat for Support in Pilates, Stretching

as of May 19, 2022 12:27 am

Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat – 7' x 5' x 8mm Extra Thick & Ultra Comfortable, Non-Toxic, Non-Slip Barefoot Exercise Mat – Works Great on Any Floor for Stretching, Cardio or Home Workouts

as of May 19, 2022 12:27 am
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